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Chorlton Street Manchester Interior and Exterior Cleaning

Client's Brief:

We was contracted to sandblast the paint off all intenal brick, stone walls, castiron columns and timber beams. This job was done over 5 floors and completed in just under 2 weeks which was great for the client and the tight schedule, we worked to health and safety standards as well as controlling noice and dust polution as the building was situated in the city centre.

We was also contracted to clean the external elevations of the building using the DOFF system which was specified by the architect.

Methods Used:

For the Internal work we opted for the conventional dry blasting method to remove the paint from the brick, stone walls, castiron columns and timber beams.

 For the External work we used the DOFF system and the chemical clean method to clean the brick and stonework, taking extra care on the soft stone features.