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Seven Stars Pub

Client's Brief:

We was contracted by the Seven Stars pub to remove the thick white paint that was casuing damp inside the building and also to give the pub a new lease of life.

Very happy client and residents of the village. 

Methods Used:

Before starting the job, all signs, cameras and lights on the pub were taken down, full scaffold was installed with sheeting so the surrounding footpath,road and shops didnt get effected.  


Removing the paint 

We used a varity of methods to remove the paint to ensure the stonework didn't receive any further damage from what the paint had already caused. These methods included removing the bulk of the thick plastic paint using our 500 bar rated falch machine using hot steam with high pressure to strip the paint off without damaging the substrate. Once the plastic paint was removed, we then opted for the traditional blasting method using a fine grade grit to remove the paint residue and carbon to clean the stonework to new.