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Blast N Vac Cleaning System

Our Blast & Vac systems provide dust free blast cleaning which is ideal for blast cleaning sensitive areas where dust and debris are an issue, for example blasting fireplaces in a house that is being lived in.

The blasting process is slower than open blasting but it is the ideal solution for blasting in areas where other blasting methods would not be acceptable. The Blast & Vac operates with an action of propelling very fine particles of abrasive at the surface which penetrate deep into the cracks and indentations.

This cleans all residue thoroughly, vacuuming all abrasive, cement residue and fibres away from the surface which are then collected within the system.

Benefits Of Blast N Vac

- Dust Free Abrasive Blasting
- The Blast N' Vac recovers abrasive and residue as it blasts
- No mess Blasting - no contamination - no clearing up
- Enables continuous blasting in confined areas
- Works with any type of abrasive for use on all surfaces
- Fully adjustable blasting pressure from 15 to 100 psi for different surfaces

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