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We Can Clean Most Hardwood Surfaces

- Blasting trusses and girders in factories and mills.
- Sandblasting oak beams in old cottages.
- Blast Cleaning timber for stage sets.

- Sandblasting barns and stables.
- Or simply sandblasting fireplace beams.
The possibilities are endless.

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Blasting Cleaning Timber

Ultrablast UK Ltd have been offering Blast Cleaning Services, otherwise known as Shot Blasting or Sandblasting, for over 30 years.

We consider our blasting of Timber to be a speciality, and are still always thrilled with the transformation of wood when the blasting is completed.



We offer a variety of Blasting methods to suit your individual needs and taking into account the finish required.

Our preferred method for outstanding results when cleaning wood and timber is still sandblasting using eco friendly recycled glass grit, however if you have special requirements in your premises we can offer Soda blasting or Ice (CO2) blasting to tailor the work to your needs.


Specialist in cleaning of timber to restore it to its former glory, from cottage beams to roof trusses within large commercial premises.

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