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Here at Ultrablast UK Ltd we have a large variety of machines and methods to clean stone and other surfaces effectively. We offer a service to clean stonework of ivy, grime, algae, salt stains or any other coating or staining to bring your stone to look new.

There is no longer any reason to damage the surface when removing coatings ie removing paint from stonework, as there are a large array of methods that can remove paint without causing any damage to the surface.

Half sand blasted stone wall to show the difference.

Blast Cleaning

We offer traditional dry methods of Sand Blasting and Blast Cleaning as well as Wet Blasting (to reduce the dust) and more environmentally friendly steam cleaning, using various branded machines depending on architect specification these include DOFF (our staff are stonehealth approved contractors) Thermatech and Torik.

They all effortlessly remove paint from surfaces without causing any damage to the surface.

Old stone church that has been cleaned using the Falch method


We offer Ultra High Pressure Cleaning using our FALCH machines which clean using high pressure and hot water which can effortlessly cut through paint, remove grime, remove smoke damage and other coating leaving the brick clean and in its original state.

Stone after beind cleaned with the Torc blasting method.

Torc Blasting

We also offer Torc blast cleaning, a system using very fine media and the nozzle we use gives a swirling vortex action covering more surface area at low pressure very gently taking the contaminant from the substrate. 

All our staff are Stonehealth trained and Ultrablast UK Ltd is stonehealth approved in Torc cleaning.

This is a system used a lot in English Heritage restoration projects because it effectively removes the contaminant without harming any substrate. Ideal for cleaning listed buildings.

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