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Ultrablast UK Ltd have been cleaning steelwork for over 30 years.

We blast clean boilers in hospitals and blast clean recycling plant equipment prior to repairs and inspections. We also offer a blasting and priming service for example we blasted and primed the whole of the steel work on the Preston Market refurbishment.


We have the more modern Eco friendly methods of remove the paint using Ultra High Pressure Cleaning with our FALCH machines.

As specialist Falch Cleaning Contractors, using our pointspeed nozzle we can remove paint from steel effortlessly without causing damage to the surface.

falch machine set up to blast tanker

We can remove paint from steelwork using a variety of methods, including conventional Blasting but using a recycled glass grit from fine to course to achieve the required finish.

Our Blast Cleaning service has always proved very effective on removing paint and coating on steel structures within old Mills and factories. This is very useful in conversion projects.

We can blast a variety of steel surfaces.

Particularly steel beams & columns within old mills and factories which require the old coatings removing during regeneration projects.

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