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High Pressure Cleaning Or Water Jetting

Ultrablast UK Ltd, have invested in a range of highly efficient pressure cleaning Falch machines, these are invaluable in removing coating from any number of surfaces without the need for chemicals, resulting in a fabulous finish without causing any damage to the surface or environment.

Our highly trained staff can use their expertise to combine the power, water pressure, temperature, water flow, nozzle style and size, accessories, spray patterns and jetting distance to produce the perfect cleaning result without chemicals, to all substrates, regardless of whether it is expanded polystyrene (thermal insulation facades) metal, glass, sandstone, plaster, brick or really tough concrete.

Our Falch machines operate from 300bar up to 3000bar which gives us the advantage to tackle any pressure cleaning project. Some of our machines contain burners or electrical heating modules, they make it possible to heat the water, so that in combination with the water pressure you can produce additional cleaning power - hot water pressure cleaning.

Ultra high pressure water jetting machines are not only perfect for cleaning brick and stone but they are a tool for renovation and refurbishment. The machines can be use for roughening of surfaces or for removal of construction material (e.g. concrete).

They can be used for rust removal of ships and/or for removal of paint from steel. Using our pointspeed nozzle we can remove paint from steelwork effortlessly and without causing any damage to the surface. With the Falch machine we are useful in the road construction industry, using the high pressure machines we can easily remove road markings from carparks and roads.

Falch machines are the perfect solution for cleaning building Interiors such as factories, distribution hubs, workshops and multi storey car parks – whether to remove cobwebs, grease and fats, rubber, paint or line markings.

Our Falch high-pressure water jetting equipment can clean the interior surfaces of the buildings, without excess water being left in-situ, thanks to the extraction system we use – meaning you get a great result with minimal fuss.

For construction machines, farm buildings and tank cleaning the Falch ultra high pressure water blast units produce unbelievable results.

It is always great to see how even the hardest concrete and bitumen deposits can be removed with pure water so that the function of the equipment, components and screw threads are re-created without any problems.

Falch high-pressure water jetting is the quickest, cheapest and gentlest method of cleaning formwork, which is why so many reputable formwork manufacturers and rental companies use this method.

Our high pressure water jetting machines are the perfect solution for cleaning public areas. Due to many public areas experiencing high footfall, closing these areas down can be extremely disruptive.

However, it’s equally important to note that conducting outdoor cleaning using harsh chemicals can pose a threat to passers-by and workers if an area is still open. To combat this problem, we are able to offer a fantastic safe and effective outdoor cleaning solution. Due to the absence of chemicals it’s an ideal process for public areas.

Using both hot water jetting and cold water jetting acts as a fantastic concrete cleaner, as well cleaning outdoor stone, brick and tiles. What’s even better is that this method doesn’t leave any excess water behind either, so the public can return to these areas immediately after the process is complete.

For an efficient and safe outdoor floor cleaner, our technique is able to provide just that.

The process of using water jets is ideal for petrol forecourt cleaning, train station platform cleaning, bus stop cleaning, and much more. The list is endless!

Graffiti removal and chewing gum removal is quick and effortless, cleaning without any chemicals. Surfaces can be cleaned, even in shopping subways or pedestrian zones.

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