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Benefits Of Using Soda Blast

- Non toxic
- Does not produce sparks
- Water soluble
- Improved crack detection
- No pre-cleaning required
- Reduces solid waste

- Natural rust inhibitor
- Uses non-destructive baking soda
- Is environmentally safe
- Cleans without sanding, soaking or scrubbing
- Uses compressed air at pressures as low as 10 psi and up to 150 psi


Sodablasting (sodium bicarbonate) is a non-destructive method of gentle abrasive blasting in which sodium bicarbonate particles are blasted against a surface using compressed air. It has a much milder abrasive effect than sandblasting and is environmentally friendly.

SodaBlasting uses clean, non-polluting baking soda to safely remove paint, rust, grease, or virtually any surface contaminate without causing any damage.

Soda Blasting will safely remove or clean multi-layered surfaces down to the surface base, and eliminate the need for toxic chemicals, scraping, sanding, or abrasive blasting.

Sodablasting can be used for cleaning timber, wood, oak beams, oak floors, doors, stairs & banisters, cars, boat hulls, masonry, and food processing equipment. Sodablasting can also be used to remove graffiti and to clean structural steel.

Sodablasting is very effective for mold and fire/smoke damage cleanup as it cleans and deodorises. Ideal for cleaning electrical componants and cleaning factory machinery.

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